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looks like gems. Again, don't mistake the Noise Type property for
a quality setting. The quality here is still high, even though the
Noise Type is less smooth (Fig. 12.19).
Figure 12.19 The Linear Noise
Type creates noise that looks like
sapphires in this case.
The results are even more startling when we take the Noise
Type value to Block. Personally, I love the results created from the
Block Noise Type. This is excellent for creating quick geometric
backgrounds. Can you imagine creating all of those little squares,
with all of the variations in color, from scratch? (Fig. 12.20).
Now, what if we wanted these squares to move around? One of
my favorite aspects of Fractal Noise is that you bring almost every
Figure 12.20 The Block Noise
Type creates a series of squares.
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