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Figure 12.17 Fractal Noise with
the Max fractal type selected.
The default Noise Type value of Soft Linear is almost the
smoothest Noise Type. The only type smoother is Spline. The
Spline Noise Type can take signifi cantly longer to render, but
it also can produce much more organic textures because of its
smoothness. It's the Billy Dee Williams of Noise Types. This Noise
Type, combined with the Max fractal type creates a pattern remi-
niscent of gurgling water (Fig. 12.18).
Figure 12.18 The Spline Noise
Type is the smoothest of the four,
but it also takes the longest to
The Noise Type value that is a little less smooth than the default
Soft Linear type is Linear. While the results are much blockier
than even the default Soft Linear value, and the pattern created
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