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Figure 12.15 The image with a
Complexity value of 4.
Tritone effect after Fractal Noise. Change the Midtones value to
a blue color, leaving Highlights at white and Shadows at black
(Fig. 12.16 ).
Figure 12.16 The result of
applying a simple tint using the
Tritone effect.
Next, we're going to look at another important setting in Fractal
Noise—Noise Type. At fi rst, this appears to be a quality setting for
the noise. It seems like that's the case, but this is actually more of
a smoothness setting. Sometimes smoothness is not what you're
looking for. Let's start by moving the Fractal Type value to Max.
The Noise Type value changes will be more obvious when this
fractal type is selected (Fig. 12.17).
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