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Figure 12.11 The Fractal Noise
effect, with the Fractal Type drop
down set to Turbulent Basic.
noise. We can adjust these layers of noise by transforming them,
adjusting their opacity and more. We can control the number of
layers created by adjusting the Complexity property. The default
value is 6. As we slowly reduce this value, it may not be apparent
what exactly happens. Take the Complexity value to 1. All that
you'll see will be a single layer of noise. This is the equivalent of
peering behind the wizard's curtain (Fig. 12.12).
Figure 12.12 Taking the
Complexity value down to 1
shows you a single layer of fractal
This one layer of noise isn't much to look at. It could be excel-
lent as a displacement map or a luma matte, but it's not much
on its own. You might not even be able to see the relationship
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