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but the beauty of color sometimes interferes with what the
Fractal Noise effect is really doing.
As we go through this section, remember that the patterns gen-
erated by Fractal Noise are random. Your results will not match
mine exactly. In fact, you might fi nd it diffi cult to reproduce the
same pattern twice because of the random nature of this effect.
The option at the top of the Fractal Noise effect is one of the
most important, namely, Fractal Type. This drop down contains
a series of patterns that substantially alter the look of this effect
(Fig. 12.10 ).
Figure 12.10 The Fractal Type
The fi rst thing we're going to do is change the Fractal Type drop
down to Turbulent Basic. There's really nothing special about this
particular pattern, but it will help us to understand what happens
with this effect (Fig. 12.11).
Next, we're going to jump ahead, down to the Complexity
parameter. Fractal Noise is so powerful because it creates layers of
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