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Figure 12.8 The fi nal result of
the Dust & Scratches effect.
any color, making sure it's the size of the comp. Then apply the
Fractal Noise effect.
The default results of the Fractal Noise effect create something
akin to the Clouds fi lter in Photoshop, which is probably why
more newbies shy away from this effect (Fig. 12.9).
Figure 12.9 The default result of
applying the Fractal Noise effect.
As mentioned, the Fractal Noise effect creates grayscale pat-
terns, and that's it. If we want color here, we'll have to use one of
the colorizing effects that we looked at back in Chapter 6. We will
add color to this a little later, but for now, I want to keep things
black and white. Forgive the less-than-spectacular screenshots,
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