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Figure 12.6 The scratchy video
layer in the Dust Scratches.aep
Figure 12.7 The default results
of the Dust & Scratches effect
removed three of the problem
lines, but also softened the
details in the image a little.
meant to be an effects manual—giving you the technical details
of every single property in every effect—we are going to take an
unusually exhaustive look at Fractal Noise. I'll also give you some
sample recipes to get started with when creating textures.
With the Fractal Noise effect, we don't really need any exer-
cise fi les. We're starting from scratch. Create a new project
(File>New>New Project), then click the Create a new compo-
sition button at the bottom of the Project panel to create a new
composition. Use the NTSC DV preset and click OK. As is the
case with all effects, Fractal Noise must be applied to an existing
layer. A solid layer works very well for this. Create a new solid of
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