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down. From this drop down list, you have
a series of grain patterns modeled after
commonly used fi lm stock grain to choose
from (Fig. 12.4).
I'm now going to use the Eastman EXR
50D (5245) preset. This creates more fi ne
noise than what was returned with the
default results. I'm also going to change
my Viewing Mode drop down value to
Final Output so we can see what this noise
looks like when applied to the image as a
whole (Fig. 12.5).
The Dust & Scratches Effect
With the Dust & Scratches effect, you
can attempt to remove the small blem-
ishes that often occur with fi lm. It achieves
this by blending visual anomalies into the
background. The controls are similar to
those found in blur effects.
For this exercise, I'm going to open
the Dust Scratches.aep project from the
Chapter 12 folder. This contains a shot
that I've doctored to look like vintage fi lm,
complete with the occasional random fi lm
scratch (Fig. 12.6).
Apply the Dust & Scratches effect to this
footage. Even with the default results, the
three faint scratches on the right side of
the image have been eliminated. However,
the image has also been slightly blurred in
the process (Fig. 12.7).
The Radius value enhances the blemish
removal effect, but also increases the blur-
riness in the image. This can be restored
to a degree by increasing the Threshold
value. Raising the Threshold value too
high, however, will make your dust and
scratches return. The general rule for this effect is to keep the
Radius value as low as you can, and the Threshold value as high
as you can to achieve your result. In our case here, there's no way
to eliminate the thicker line on the left, and still keep the image
clean. For my fi nal outcome, I left the Radius value at 1, and took
the Threshold value up to 13. This restored more details in my
image, without bringing back the three lines that we removed.
We've still lost some of the highlights and details, such as in
Figure 12.3 The options in the Add Grain effect (well, some of
them, anyway).
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