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Next, go over to the 3D edge cleanup composition. This is a fi le
that we looked at in the beginning of the topic in our coverage of
the 3D effects. You might have noticed then that these 3D fi les
have terrible aliasing on the edges. That's just the nature of 3D
fi les. The Simple Choker effect can actually help us smooth out
those ugly rough edges.
Figure 11.6 shows the result of our 3D fi le with the ID Matte
effect applied, and the car isolated. Even though I've already tried
here to smooth the edges of the matte with ID Matte's Feather
property, they still look awful.
Figure 11.6 The blocky edges
on the isolated car are seemingly
impossible to fi x. Feathering the
edges just makes a bigger mess.
So, what we're going to do is apply the Simple Choker effect.
Remember that the Simple Choker effect also smoothes the matte
in addition to spreading or choking it. In many cases, that can be
a detriment as corners get rounded. But in this instance, a little
extra smoothness is just what the doctor ordered. Apply the Simple
Choker effect and take the Choke Matte value to a positive 1.5.
Even zoomed in at 200%, the results look pretty good (Fig. 11.7).
What else can the Simple Choker effect be used for? I fi nd it
handy for those times when I've imported a layered Photoshop
fi le that contains objects I cut out of a background. Sometimes, if
I'm working in a hurry in Photoshop, my selections might not be
the best. That means that there will probably be some extra pixels
on the edges of my imported Photoshop layers. A quick applica-
tion of the Simple Choker effect can often fi x the problem.
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