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Figure 11.4 The fi nal result after
spreading and choking the matte.
effect. The Simple Choker appears to round and soften the matte
edge slightly already. So, I applied the Simple Choker effect, and
took the value to negative 3.6, because negative values spread the
matte. This fi lled in all the holes. Then I selected the effect in the
Effect Controls panel and pressed Ctrl+D(Win)/Cmd+D(Mac) on
my keyboard to duplicate the effect. On the duplicate, I changed
the value to a positive 2. This replicates what we did with the
Matte Choker effect because it spreads, then chokes (Fig. 11.5).
Figure 11.5 The result of fi xing
the matte with two copies of the
Simple Choker effect.
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