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Figure 11.1 A close up of me
as seen in the Matte Choker.aep
project. The bright blue areas are
holes in our layer.
used to spread (restore) the matte. The second set will be used to
shrink (constrict) the matte (Fig. 11.2).
One of the beefs I have with this effect is that the default
settings aren't the best defaults, as I see it. No matter what your
settings are when using this effect, it's almost guaranteed that
they will be very different from the default values.
Let's look fi rst at Geometric Softness 1. Geometric Softness
controls how smooth the edges of the matte are, and it also
shrinks the matte a little. Take this value to about 3. A higher
Geometric Softness might look better here, but taking this value
too high will limit our ability to choke back the matte well later.
Next is the Choke 1 value. A positive Choke value chokes the
matte, while a negative Choke value spreads the matte. Since
we're spreading the matte with the fi rst group of controls, take
the Choke value to −125. This allows the holes in our subject
Figure 11.2 The parameters of
the Matte Choker effect.
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