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The Matte effects category is tied with the Paint effects category
for the fewest effects. There are only two effects here, the Matte
Choker effect and the Simple Choker effect. This category might
have been called the Choker effects, although that does sound a
little violent for Adobe.
The primary focus of the Matte effects is transparency or, more
specifi cally, the alpha channel of a layer. They are usually used
in conjunction with the Keying effects. The Matte effects restore
holes in a layer (typically caused by keying) and can also eat away
at the edges of a layer.
There are two concepts common to both effects, so we'll cover
them here before proceeding. The fi rst concept is that of spread-
ing. Spreading is when you increase the size of the alpha channel
(matte), usually by fi lling in holes inside the layer. The other con-
cept we'll use is that of choking. Choking refers to shrinking or
constricting the matte, usually to get rid of a halo of pixels around
a subject.
The Matte Choker Effect
The Matte Choker effect is used to both spread and choke
a matte. If you open the Matte Choker.aep project found in the
Chapter 11 folder of the exercise fi les, you'll see a simple proj-
ect. Here, I've taken a photo of me in front of a green screen and
keyed out the background using the Color Key effect. But as is the
case with keying on occasion, we've actually created some holes
in our subject (me) (Fig. 11.1 ).
We're going to use the Matte Choker effect to restore these
areas back to full opacity and to fi ne tune the edge of the matte as
well. I've created a bright blue solid and placed it below me in the
layer stack. This will help us identify and fi x problems in our key.
The fi rst thing we need to realize about the Matte Choker effect
is that it is made up of two main sections, each with the same
three controls. The three controls are Geometric Softness, Choke,
and Gray Level Softness. The fi rst set of these controls will be
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