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Figure 10.25 The comp in the
Spill Suppressor project, with
a bad key courtesy of the Color
Key effect.
You could turn off the visibility of the Color Key effect to see the
green screen again, and then select it with the Color to Suppress
color swatch eyedropper. Or if you have good aim, you could just
click the Color to Suppress color swatch eyedropper, and then
click the green Key Color color swatch in the Color Key effect.
Then, you don't have to fi ddle with effect visibility.
Figure 10.26 The fi nal keying
result, after removing the green
from the edges with the Spill
Then, just increase the Suppression value until the green edges
of the leaves are gone. For better results, take the Color Accuracy
value from Faster to Better. The Spill Suppressor effect will desat-
urate the color in the Color to Suppress value, making the fi nal
result much more believable (Fig. 10.26).
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