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Figure 10.22 Using an extra
mask to cleanup the background,
or in other words, to remove
me, it's also extremely compressed. If you can pull a good key
with this footage, you can probably pull a good key with most
First, let's apply the Linear Color Key effect to the Chad with
Hand layer. These settings should look familiar to you
if you've been working with the other effects in this chapter, so I
won't mention them again here. The two notable differences are
that you can choose to match color using RGB, Hue, or Chroma
(color, which refers to all attributes of color, not just the hue). You
can also choose to adjust the Key Operation value to Key Colors
(remove them) or Keep Colors. This property is helpful if the
Linear Color Key effect accidentally removes too much of a color
in your subject, you can apply another instance of the Linear
Color Key effect and keep (or restore) the missing colors.
Click on the Key Color eyedropper and select the green in the
green screen that is closest to our subject, as there is some darker
vignetting happening in the corners of this shot. I found the
best results with this clip with my Match colors drop down set
to Using Chroma. I also used a Matching Tolerance of 5% and a
Matching Softness value of 4%. The results came out pretty good,
especially considering how badly this footage is compressed, and
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