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Figure 10.21 Using a mask to
cleanup the foreground, or in
other words, to restore pixels.
And so, in summary, the Inner/Outer Key effect can seem
like Grand Central Station for masks. It allows you to input
up to 36 simultaneous masks for various purposes (yes, I
counted). But whether you use this effect to its fullest, or on
a more simplistic level, the Inner/Outer Key effect can easily
extract portions of a layer that other keying tools would have a
difficult time with.
The Linear Color Key Effect
The Linear Color Key effect is a quick and simple keying tool.
It's slightly more complex than the simple Color Key, but the
results are usually much better. For this example, I'm going to
be using the Linear Color Key.aep project from the Chapter 10
folder. This contains a video clip of me looking like a total doo-
fus in front of a green screen. As much as this footage humiliates
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