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Figure 10.18 After applying
the Inner/Outer Key effect, the
background is instantly removed,
even before making adjustments
to settings.
There are the standard keying tweaks here, such as Edge Thin,
Edge Feather, and Edge Threshold. But there is also an Invert
Extraction checkbox. Clicking that checkbox in this instance
would remove the city and keep the background. Remember
this as you use this effect in the real world, in case you fi nd an
instance where it's easier to mask out a background than a sub-
ject (Fig. 10.19).
Another thing that makes this effect unique is that you can
actually use masks to restore lost foreground or remove more
background. And it does this by creating a stroke around the
mask. I know—weird, right? To show you how this works,
I'm going to create yet another mask—a rectangular one this
Figure 10.19 Selecting the
Invert Extraction checkbox will
mask out the subject, leaving the
background. This also allows you
to see the imperfections in my
initial matte.
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