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Apply the Extract effect to the fi reworks layer. There is a
histogram with a graphic interface, but I much prefer to use
the regular sliders/hot text adjusters with this effect. With the
Channel drop down set to Luminance, increasing the Black
Point value will remove dark areas of the layer. Increasing the
Black Softness value will soften the edges of removed dark pixels.
Decreasing the White Point value will get rid of bright values in
the layer, while White Softness will soften the edges of removed
bright pixels. If you're interested in using the graphic interface
(the bar underneath the histogram), the top points represent the
Black Point and White Point, while the bottom points indicate the
Black Softness and White Softness values.
Note that you can also change the Channel drop down to
things like the blue channel or the green channel, but that doesn't
help with this effect unless the blue or green screen is exceedingly
dark or light.
The results of the Extract effect are similar to what you would
get if you simply used a blend mode like Multiply or Screen, but
it does allow you more control over what gets removed and soft-
ness (Fig. 10.16).
Figure 10.16 After removing the
dark pixels of the fi reworks layer
with the Extract effect, you can
see the Rad layer
behind it.
The Inner/Outer Key Effect
Many of the effects in this chapter aren't really helpful all that
much. And if they are helpful, they usually aren't very interesting.
But the Inner/Outer Key effect is both helpful and interesting,
and it's helpful for far more than just blue and green screen work.
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