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Figure 10.12 Paavo doing
unicycle tricks.
Figure 10.13 The same shot
from Fig. 10.12, but without the
Matte effect to the unicycle on layer (the top layer
in the bench comp). By default, the effect uses the layer it was
applied to as the Difference Layer, which completely hides the
entire layer. Change the Difference Layer drop down to the
Benches-alone PRECOMP layer. Selecting more pixels by increas-
ing the Matching Tolerance value. Feather the edges with the
Matching Softness value. The problem is that this shot (as with
most shots) has a lot of small, moving parts—shadows, moving
sunlight, leaves blowing in the wind, and so on. All these things
cause problems in the matte. The fi nal results are less than stellar
but could be used for a cool, stylized effect (Fig. 10.14).
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