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Things are looking pretty good here, so let's now take the View
drop down to Final Output to see the result of our key. You might
notice that we're still getting a little bit of green in the feathered areas
of my hair. Sometimes, it's just impossible to keep semitransparent
edges (which is usually desirable) from picking up some of the col-
ors of the background. We could adjust the Partial A and Partial B in
White values to remove the green screen from these hairs, but that
would also create hard edges, which would be bad for compositing.
To keep the semitransparency in the edges and remove the color, use
the Spill Suppressor effect, discussed later in this chapter (Fig. 10.8).
Figure 10.8 The fi nal result of
our key with the Color Difference
Key effect.
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