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Figure 10.5 The parameters of
the Color Difference Key effect.
Next, you use the bottom (white) eyedropper to select areas
that should be completely opaque, like your subject. So, I'm going
to select the white eyedropper and click on my face somewhere.
From here, you could select the B underneath this thumbnail
to adjust the B matte, or even the greek alpha symbol (looks like
a little goldfi sh to me) to adjust the fi nal alpha. But we're going
to go down and adjust the Partial B matte by using the regular
slider parameters. Most of the properties in this effect refer to
some form of black or white. Before getting into adjusting these
properties, remember that black areas will be transparent in the
fi nal matte and white areas will be opaque. So, if you're wanting
to remove some left over pixels caused by wrinkles in your green
screen, adjust the parameters that refer to black. If you eat away
at your subject too much, restore it by using the parameters that
refer to white.
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