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Figure 2.13 A photo showing
depth of fi eld. The branch
and snow are in focus, while
everything in the background
is out of focus. This focuses
our attention immediately on
the branch. Photo courtesy of
Heather Perkins.
Maximum Radius determines the amount of blur. Its default
value is 0, which is why we don't see any blurring when this effect
is fi rst applied. Note that a little blur goes a long way in this effect.
Small values like this are usually all you need (Fig. 2.14).
The next thing I do with this effect is to adjust the Focal Plane
Thickness value. For this value, I usually input the amount of
depth in the entire scene. This basically tells After Effects how big
my virtual world is, in terms of 3D depth. Earlier, when we looked
at the 3D Channel Extract effect, we saw that the closest object
to the camera was the table on the right (with a depth value of
−89), and the object farthest away from the camera was the back-
ground (with a depth value of about −4100). So the total amount
Figure 2.14 The result of
increasing the Maximum Radius
(blur amount) to 3.
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