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Figure 10.1 The author recorded
in front of a green screen.
the effects we covered back in Chapter 6. As you can imagine,
the proper use of keying techniques can allow you to create a
plethora of virtual situations (Fig. 10.2).
Universal Keying Concepts
Before we get started into the individual keying effects, I want
to cover a few concepts that are important to keep in mind while
keying. A few of these concepts are just a good rule of thumb,
while others will be issues you will be dealing with on most key-
ing jobs.
About Keylight
For the last few
versions, Adobe
has included the
Keylight effect with After
Effects. Keylight is a really
high-end keying solution
made by The Foundry. For
most workfl ows, Keylight
should be your fi rst stop
when keying. Because it is
not a native After Effects
effect, Keylight is discussed
with the coverage of the
other third-party effects
on the Focal Web site.
About Spill and Spill Suppression
With most keying effects, even after keying out the blue or
green screen, you are still left with a halo around your subject
that is the color of the blue or green screen. This is caused by
the lights in the scene bouncing some of the color of the screen
back on to the subject. This extra bit of color on the subject
is referred to as spill. Getting rid of spill is referred to as spill
suppression. If you have any control over production, you can
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