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then cycle the segments around the path by using the Rotation
property. Experimenting with these properties yields results that
are much more stimulating than a simple marquee (Fig. 9.49).
Figure 9.49 The Vegas effect
with the number of segments
and their length reduced, and the
Blend Mode changed to Stencil
(the equivalent of selecting
Reveal Original Image in the
Stroke effect).
One of the things that's fun to do with the Vegas effect is to
create a series of wildly odd masks, and apply the Vegas effect
to them. Move the Segments value down to 1 or 2, and animate
the Color parameter to create fl owing streams of light. You can
also duplicate the effect or the layer it's applied to and then fl ip
or move the layer. That way, you can create the illusion that there
are more whips of light. The Swooshes comp in this project con-
tains a sample of these whips of light (Fig. 9.50).
Figure 9.50 The Swooshes comp
in the Vegas Baby.aep project.
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