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Figure 9.47 The Vegas effect,
after increasing the Width value.
of the dots along the axis of the path by using the Start Opacity,
Mid-point Opacity, Mid-point Position, and End Opacity values.
You can adjust the transparency on the outside edges of the dots
by adjusting the Hardness value. Other properties in this area,
such as Blend Mode, Color, and Width are similar to properties
we saw in the Stroke effect (Fig. 9.48).
Figure 9.48 After increasing the
Hardness value to its maximum
(1.000), the outer edge of the
dots get a hard edge. The back of
the dots are permitted to retain
semitransparency, as Hardness
does not affect this part of
the dot.
To my mind, the most impressive features of the Vegas effect are
in the Segments area. You see, unlike the Stroke effect, Vegas cre-
ates a series of strokes, not just one. You can control the number
of strokes (dots) it creates with the Segments parameter, as well
as the length of those segments with the Length property. You can
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