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Figure 9.45 The Stroke Example
comp. Notice that All Masks
are receiving brush strokes
simultaneously, and are also
revealing the original pattern
of the layer (which was created
by effects).
Figure 9.46 The Vegas effect, in
its native habitat.
Controls panel) from Image Contours to Mask/Path. On this
solid, we only have one mask, but if you apply Vegas to a layer
with multiple masks, you would also need to choose the mask
to which you apply Vegas from the Path drop down in the Mask/
Path area. At this point, as with the Stroke effect, you'll need to
increase the size of the stroke to see clearly what's going on. To do
that, increase the Width value in the Rendering area. You can then
see what Vegas looks like before making any changes. It looks like
a bunch of comets having a parade ( Fig. 9.47 ).
L e t ' s fi rst look at the appearance of these little dots. The param-
eters that control the visual appearance of the marquee segments
are found in the Rendering area. You can alter the transparency
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