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Figure 9.43 The Scribble effect,
after adjusting many of the Stroke
Options properties.
Vegas effects create a small white stroke that is only two pixels
wide. That is only slightly larger than the size of the mask! So, the
fi rst order of business—with both of these effects—is to increase
the Brush Size value so that you can actually see what you're
As the name of the Brush Size property indicates, this effect
is actually created with a series of brush strokes, like the brush
strokes in Photoshop. Increase the Spacing parameter to spread
out the individual brush strokes to observe the results. As a
bonus, you will also create a cool dotted line pattern (Fig. 9.44).
If you're interested in animating this stroke, use the Start and
End values. These control how far along the path the beginning
(Start value) and end (End value) of the brush strokes go. So, if
you animated the Start value from 100% at the beginning of the
comp to 0% at the end of the comp, you would have created an
animated trail of dots.
The Paint Style drop down can also change the result of
the Stroke effect dramatically. By default, the value is set to
On Original Image, which only means the stroke “paints” on
top of the original layer. That is why we can still see the blue
solid to which we applied this effect. Changing this value to On
Transparent removes the source layer, and shows you the effect
only. But, when we change the value to Reveal Original Image,
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