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Figure 9.42 The Scribble effect
after changing the color of the
scribble to match the original
color of the ghost.
add enough randomness to make this scribble look much more
organic and handmade. And, as you can tell from Fig. 9.43, this is
an excellent effect to use to create digital spaghetti.
The properties at the bottom of the Scribble effect help bring
it to life. You can animate the Start property (or the End property)
to animate the scribble being drawn. You can also use the Wiggle
Type and Wiggles/Second value to determine how the path wig-
gles, and how fast it wiggles, respectively.
The Stroke Effect
The Stroke and Vegas effects are very similar. They both create
a stroke along an open or closed path. The Stroke effect is the
simpler of the two, so we'll explain the basics and some common-
alities between them here.
To follow me, open up the Stroke.aep project from the Chapter 9
folder of the exercise fi les. Let's start in the Stroke Intro comp, with
a simple example to become familiar with what this effect does.
The blue solid layer in this comp contains a mask. This is a neces-
sary component of working with the Stroke effect. Apply the Stroke
effect to the blue solid layer. At fi rst, only the astute observer will
notice a difference. The default settings for both the Stroke and
Keeping Scribble Still
If you don't want
the results of the
Scribble effect to
move, move the Wiggle/
Second value to 0.
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