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Figure 9.41 The original ghost
alive. And, after turning back on the visibility of the effect, I will
deselect the Toggle Mask and Shape Path Visibility button at the
bottom of the Composition panel, so that we don't have to look at
the yellow outline of our mask here. Also, I need to make sure that
Mask 1 is selected in the Mask drop down. I'll also leave the Fill
Type set to Inside, but I could also use this drop down to make a
scribbled stroke on a mask. You'll also notice that all of the scrib-
bles tend to follow the same direction. This direction can be con-
trolled with the Angle property. You can also increase or decrease
the size of the line with the Stroke Width parameter (Fig. 9.42).
This effect starts getting a lot more interesting once we start
playing around with the properties in the Stroke Options area.
Increase the Curviness value to make the scribbled lines round
and loopy instead of straight and jagged. Increase Curviness
Variation to add some randomness to the curves. Increase Spacing
to spread the scribbles apart, and increase Spacing Variation to
randomize the spacing. Path Overlap allows the scribble to go
over the original mask line. A positive Path Overlap value expands
the scribble beyond the mask, while a negative Path Overlap value
contracts the scribbles, as if the mask was shrinking. Path Overlap
Variation adds some randomization to the way that the scribble
overlaps the path. When the Scribble effect is fi rst applied, it
looks too synthetic and digital. Using these properties, you can
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