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The Ramp Effect
The Ramp effect is extremely simple. It creates a two-color gra-
dient. I'm not sure why they're staying away from using the ā€œgā€
word in this effect, but ramp is a synonym for gradient here. The
Start of Ramp property determines the place where the gradi-
ent starts, and the Start Color option determines what color that
should be. The End of Ramp and End Color values determine
the position and the color of the last gradient stop, respectively.
Increasing the Ramp Scatter value adds noise to the gradient.
The Ramp Shape drop down allows you to choose between a
Linear Ramp (a.k.a linear gradient), or a Radial Ramp (a.k.a radial
I hardly ever use the Ramp effect alone, but it works very well
when applied together with other effects. You might use this
effect as a map to control other gradients. Or, you might use it
to blend into a textured background to create the illusion of an
external light source. Alternatively, you can typically get more
colors and control by using the Gradient Overlay layer style.
The Scribble Effect
The Scribble effect is just adorable. It takes areas of fl at color,
and gives them the appearance of being created with hand-scrib-
bled lines. This autoanimating effect can create animated, wig-
gly scribbles. It can create big loopy scribbles. It can create angry,
scratchy scribbles. The downside of the Scribble effect is that it
can only work with masks, and closed masks (that is, masks
that make a complete shape, without any openings in its edges)
at that.
If you'd like to experiment with this effect, open the Scribble.
aep project found in the Chapter 9 folder of the exercise fi les.
The Ghost Body layer is the body of the ghost, and has already
been set up with a mask. If you tried applying the Scribble effect
to another layer, such as Ghost Eyes, the layer would completely
disappear because it does not contain a mask (Fig. 9.41).
Apply the Scribble effect to the Ghost Body layer. You'll notice
a couple of things. First, the contents of the layer (actually, the
selected mask) completely fi ll up. Any details or textures on the
layer are replaced. Next, you'll notice the Scribble effect is white
by default, regardless of the original color of the layer. And, as
mentioned previously, the Scribble effect automatically animates
the scribbles it creates.
The fi rst thing I'm going to do with this effect is turn off its vis-
ibility in the Effect Controls panel, and click the eyedropper next
to the Color property to sample the original color of the ghost. I
want this effect to make the ghost look like he is hand-drawn and
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