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Figure 9.39 The Radio Waves
effect on a solid layer above the
face asleep layer.
adjustable. From the Source Layer drop down in the Image
Contour area, select the sheep layer. By default, the contours are
taken from the Source Layer's alpha channel. But, we can change
the Value Channel drop down to use the source layer's hue, sat-
uration, red channel, and so on. For now, we'll leave this set to
Alpha. Now, all we need to do is to animate and adjust the basic
Radio Waves properties we've already selected, and our little vec-
tor friend can fall into deeper sleep as he counts our radio wave
sheep (Fig. 9.40).
Figure 9.40 Changing the
Wave Type property to Image
Contours allows you to use the
alpha channel of another layer as
the shape emitted by the Radio
Waves effect.
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