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Figure 2.10 Increasing the
Feather value feathers the edges
of the exact bit depth. Notice that
the edges of the other depths are
still hard.
him behind the table but in front of the garage wall. To fi nd this
depth range, select the Depth Matte effect in the Effect Controls
panel. Then click on the back of the table; the part of the table
that is farthest away from you. The Info panel will display a value
that should be around −170. Then, click on the garage wall behind
Paavo. The Info panel should display a value of about −445.
From this, we learn that our depth value needs to be set to a
value between −170 and −445. Thankfully, our example value of
−250 fi ts the bill, but anything safely in this range should work
just as well.
The next step is to select the garage layer in the Timeline panel,
and press Ctrl+D(Win)/Cmd+D(Mac) to duplicate this layer.
Then drag the duplicate below the Paavo balancing layer. When
you're done, you should have a Paavo sandwich, with a garage
layer on top of the paavo balancing layer and another garage
layer beneath it (Fig. 2.11).
So far, there's no change in the Composition panel. What we
need to do to fi nish this project off is to select the garage layer
at the bottom of the layer stack. Then, in the Depth Matte effect
Figure 2.11 It's important to have
your layers set up like this in order
for this technique to work.
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