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Figure 9.33 The Lens Flare effect
on a black solid layer with the
default settings.
Rad Rockets comp, you can see the result of applying the Lens
Flare effect as a highlight, instead of an actual lens flare. Using
the Flare Center effect control point, I positioned the flare
over the fiery exhaust of the rocket in this video. I also used a
feathered, elliptical mask to isolate the main area of the flare,
and hide the additional rings. If I want, I can animate the
center of the flare to follow the rocket, by applying a wiggle
expression to the Flare Brightness property and add further
realism (Fig. 9.34).
Figure 9.34 The Lens Flare
effect, applied as a highlight to
give emphasis to the fl ames being
emitted from the main rocket.
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