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Figure 9.29 After applying the
Fill effect, choosing a mask, and
fi lling it with a different color than
the solid layer it was applied to.
The edges of these fractal patterns are particularly ornate and
spectacular. However, this is one effect that is not designed
to be intuitive, except for mathematicians. The Set Choice
drop down, for instance, reveals such options as “Mandelbrot
Inverse over Julia,” which is almost as esoteric as the Equation
drop down options like “z = z^2 + c.” Occasionally, I might use
this effect to create luma mattes (you can't even use them for
alpha mattes because the fractals are created against a black
background, not transparency). Even then, the attractiveness of
this effect is greatly diluted by the fact that it renders incredibly
slowly (Fig. 9.30 ).
Figure 9.30 The Fractal effect.
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