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What Good is a Seamless Loop?
Creating a seamless loop helps in a wide variety of places. I've created seamless loops for tradeshows and confer-
ences, where a texture played continuously on monitors in the background. I've used them on DVD menus as seamless
video loops in the background. And they're also great time savers for large projects. Just create a small, seamless loop
of a few seconds in duration, prerender it, and import it back into your project. Then, in the Project panel, you can go to
the Interpret Footage settings for that fi le, and specify how many times that piece of footage should loop. It will save you
time and processing power!
pause as the loop repeats. To make this loop literally seamless,
drag the second keyframe one frame after the end of the comp.
Unbelievably, this is the simplest way to get the pattern to loop
seamlessly. For more information on additional loop options,
consult the After Effects Help.
Cell Pattern Animation Presets
Because of the wide variety of possibilities with the Cell Pattern
effect, I've included some animation presets on the disc that
accompanies this topic. You can use these presets for your per-
sonal projects, or just to spark some creativity in what is possible.
Fig. 9.24 shows a collage of some of the cell pattern animation
presets included with this topic.
Figure 9.24 A sample of the cell
pattern animation presets.
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