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Figure 2.8 The Depth Matte.aep
of 0 was high enough to mask out everything. Just so we can see
what's going on here, take the Depth value to −250. All depth val-
ues farther away than this will be removed (Fig. 2.9).
You can also increase the Feather value to create a smooth
transition to transparency. Unfortunately, feathering will not get
rid of the undesirable blockiness along the edges of 3D mattes.
Besides, only the edges at the exact depth specifi ed in the Depth
parameter are affected. In Chapter 11, we'll look at a few ways to
clean these edges up a little (Fig. 2.10).
I'm actually going to take my Feather value back to 0. Now we
need to fi nd the point in 3D where we want Paavo to be. We want
Figure 2.9 Taking the Depth
value to −250 removes all pixels
farther away than this.
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