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Figure 9.21 Changing the
Overfl ow value to Soft Clamp
reduces contrast, and allows
you to see the entire range of
luminance values. Reminds me of
a disco fl oor.
Figure 9.22 The Wrap Back
Overfl ow value creates values
that are brighter than white to
wrap around the spectrum to
black. This results in layers of
light and dark values.
The Disperse property controls the extent to which the “cells”
are spread apart. Increasing this value will increase the space
between cells. Reducing it makes the distribution of the cells
uniform. In Fig. 9.23, I chose the Tubular Cell Pattern, greatly
reduced the Disperse value, and added the Tint effect to tint the
cells blue. This creates a Pacman-like maze. A low Disperse set-
ting can also create grids, blocks, and other uniform geometric
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