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Figure 9.19 The Invert, Contrast,
and Size properties make a big
difference in the Cell Pattern
look washed out. Finally, there is Wrap Back, which creates weird,
psychedelic looks. With Wrap Back selected as your Overfl ow
value, white values that are brightened more (by increasing the
Contrast value) wrap back to black. See Figs. 9.20-9.22 for exam-
ples of each Overfl ow value. Note that all of these fi gures show the
Cell Pattern effect with the Bubbles pattern, the Disperse value
(discussed next) reduced all the way, and the Tint effect applied
to give it a pink color. All of these fi gures have exactly the same
values, except for the change of the Overfl ow property. These
fi gures are also good examples of the potential of the Cell Pattern
effect to create interesting patterns. None of these look much like
cellular or biological patterns at all.
Figure 9.20 After increasing the
Contrast value signifi cantly, we
get very strong contrast with the
Overfl ow value set to Clip.
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