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Figure 9.17 The Cell Pattern
effect with the default settings.
Figure 9.18 The Cell Pattern
effect, with the Cell Pattern drop
down set to Tubular.
Cell Pattern effect. Fig. 9.19 shows the Cell Pattern type restored
to the default Bubbles, with Invert selected, and Contrast and
Size adjusted.
Another parameter that allows for some unusual visual results
is Overfl ow. This property controls what happens as the Contrast
value is increased so much that values grow brighter than white
and darker than black. The default value is Clip, which means that
brightened highlights will all turn white, and darkened shadows
will fl atten to black. Another option is Soft Clamp, which shrinks
the entire luminance spectrum, so that nothing grows brighter
than white or darker than black. Soft Clamp has a tendency to
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