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Figure 9.15 The Audio Waveform
effect with the Display Options
set to Analog Dots.
The Beam Effect
The Beam effect is a popular favorite of sci-fi fans. It's ideal for
creating shooting laser beams as well as for the ever-popular light
saber, and it's very easy to use. The Beam effect creates a beam of
light that travels between two points. You have control over the
length of the beam, as well as its size at each point of the beam.
You'll also fi nd similar color controls to those we saw with Audio
Spectrum and Audio Waveform (e.g. Inside Color, Outside Color,
and Softness).
I'm going to open the Beam.aep project from the Chapter 9
folder of the exercise fi les. The comp in this project contains a
video of me having a light saber duel with my friend, Paavo, but
you can't really tell because of the black solid that covers this layer.
We'll apply the Beam effect to the APPLY BEAM TO ME! layer.
Once we apply Beam, the solid disappears, leaving only the beam.
I'm going to create the light saber effect by clicking the effect
control point on the left (the Starting Point value in the Effect
Controls panel), and dragging it to the bottom of the fake
light saber that I'm holding. Then I'll take the other point on the
right (the Ending Point) and drag it to the top of the light saber.
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