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To practice with the Audio Waveform effect, you can open the
Audio Waveform.aep project from the Chapter 9 folder of the
exercise fi les. This is the same project as Audio Spectrum.aep, in
case you'd like to delete the Audio Spectrum effect and continue
from here. As with Audio Spectrum, select Totally 80s Groovathon
as the Audio Layer to see the results. Most of the properties in
this effect are identical to those we only glanced at in Audio
Spectrum. The Displayed Samples value is the equivalent to
the Frequency bands property in Audio Spectrum, which only
increases the amount of waves here (Fig. 9.14).
Figure 9.14 The Audio Waveform
effect, after adjusting the Start
and End Points, and a few of the
basic properties.
One of the more interesting and unique properties of the
Audio Waveform effect is the Display Options parameter. The
default setting is Analog Lines. Changing it to Digital will recreate
the waveform using only small vertical lines. The other setting is
Analog Dots, which turns the waveform into a series of dots at
the top and bottom of each wave. The results are quite interest-
ing when animated. Perhaps adding multiple effects, such as dis-
tortions and blurs, could turn this into a type of particle system
( Fig. 9.15 ).
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