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Audio Spectrum and Adobe Flash
Only a few things in After Effects remain vector when they are output to the SWF fi le format. Text layers that are not
in 3D and do not have blur applied can remain vector. Solids with unfeathered vector masks and Illustrator fi les that don't
have gradients also can, if they don't have any effects applied to them. But, that's just about it when it comes to outputting
vectors into the SWF fi le format. Even shape layers cannot be output to vectors when they are output to SWF. For some
reason I don't understand, the Audio Spectrum and Audio Waveform effect (discussed next) both become vector when
output to SWF. Remember that the fi le sizes do grow quite large, as a new Flash symbol is created for each band on all
frames. Also, note that the Softness and Outside Color properties in the Audio Spectrum effect are ignored when output to
SWF, and only a fl at color is used for each band. I am not sure why, but do add the Audio Spectrum and Audio Waveform
effects to the very short list of elements from After Effects that support vector-based output to the SWF fi le format.
Figure 9.13 The Audio Spectrum
effect after selecting the Use
Polar Path option and adjusting
the colors.
The Audio Waveform Effect
Similar to the Audio Spectrum effect, the Audio Waveform effect
also produces visual patterns based on an audio layer. The differ-
ence is in the type of patterns it creates. Audio Waveform creates a
jagged line that resembles an audio waveform. In effect, this looks
like the Audio Spectrum effect with the bands connected.
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