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The Logo Lightning-End comp contains a fi nished project, where
I've animated a blur on the text and added some fl ickering lighting
effects. There are also a couple of layers in this comp not currently
visible. These layers contain an additional lightning effect on the
text as another creative option here. I've left them off because they
need to be animated to look decent, but I encourage you to turn
them on and experiment with them (Fig. 9.11).
Figure 9.11 The Logo Lightning-
End comp.
The Audio Spectrum Effect
The Audio Spectrum effect generates visual patterns based on
the amplitude of an audio layer. Personally, I fi nd these patterns
very interesting, but it's diffi cult to use them as they are without
having them look tacky. In many cases, it might take a blend mode,
or a severe opacity change to blend them in well with other art.
You can open the Audio Spectrum.aep project from the
Chapter 9 folder for practice. There is only one comp hereā€”the
Audio Spectrum. In that comp, there are two layers, a solid layer
for application of the Audio Spectrum effect, and an audio layer
to control the visual properties of the effect. Both elements are
necessary to get this effect to work. Apply the Audio Spectrum
effect to the solid layer.
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