Game Development Reference
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Forking Genius
If you need even
more control over
forking, as well
as over other advanced
properties, open the Expert
Settings area at the bottom
of the effect in the Effect
Controls panel. Most
users will be happy with
this effect without these
additional controls, but it's
good to know about them
in case you need to make
fi nely tuned adjustments to
your lightning (Fig. 9.6).
Figure 9.6 Lightning with the
Forking value at 100%.
Animating Advanced Lightning
After playing around a bit with Advanced Lightning, you may
notice that this effect does not autoanimate. So, what prop-
erty brings this effect to life? In most cases, you can animate
the Conductivity State value to add life to the lightning created
with this effect. Any value will work, as there isn't any smooth
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