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Figure 9.3 The Advanced
Lightning effect, with the
Lightning Type value set to
Bouncey. I left my layer controls
on in this image so you can see
where my effect control points
(for Origin and Direction) are.
With some Lightning Type options, the Direction point will
change to an Outer Radius value. Such is the case with the Omni
lightning type. Omni shoots out sparks in random directions. This
setting is ideal for creating sparks emanating from something like
a Tesla coil, or one of those magic orbs from Radio Shack that
emits charges of static electricity. Since the direction of such ran-
dom electricity charges cannot be controlled, the Direction value
changes to Outer Radius. Outer Radius allows you to control the
distance to which the lightning is allowed to go from the Origin
Another interesting lightning type is Two-Way Strike. This cre-
ates lightning that strikes from the Origin point to the Direction
point, but it also strikes back from the Direction point to the
Origin point. This is good if you want to create lightning going
back and forth between two poles, two hands, or any two objects
( Fig. 9.4 ).
Figure 9.4 The Two-Way Strike
lightning type.
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