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Figure 8.7 The Color Control
The Layer Control Effect
The Layer Control effect is a unique effect in a group of unique
effects. The Layer Control effect only gives you the option to
select a layer. That's it. It's the only Expression Control effect that
doesn't animate.
Because it doesn't have the capacity to animate, the Layer
Control effect can't be used as the “standard” expression control-
ler. Use the Layer Control effect when you need to swap several
layer-controlled parameters at once. Let's say that you're using
the powerful Caustics effect that has many parameters controlled
by other layers. Additionally, you may add to this other effects
(such as Colorama) that can also be controlled by other layers.
If you change one of the map values, you may want all the other
properties that use this map to change as well. You could use the
Layer Control effect to make the change so that all properties
connected to this controller change to the new layer as well. It's
not something that your viewing audience will ever see, but it can
help you work more effi ciently (Fig. 8.8 ).
Figure 8.8 The Layer Control
The Point Control Effect
The Point Control effect is for controlling properties with an
effect point control. These are usually properties with X and Y
position values (Fig. 8.9 ).
The Slider Control Effect
Figure 8.9 The Point Control
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