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expression because of the expression controller effect we've
added here.
As you can probably tell, there's really nothing special about
this Slider Control effect. It's just a slider that does nothing. It
really doesn't serve any other purpose, other than to control other
behaviors in After Effects.
This example shows a simple effect with one simple Slider
parameter. But what if you wanted to control the Evolution prop-
erty in Fractal Noise, or rotation, or some other property that
uses revolutions and degrees? A simple slider wouldn't be the best
controller in that case. For that purpose, you'd need a controller
that used revolutions and degrees. And this is why there are sev-
eral effects in the Expression Controls category. Let's take a glance
at the nature and purpose of each controller.
Naming Effects
If you plan on
using Expression
Control effects,
it's a really good idea to
rename the effect so you
can instantly discern which
property it is controlling.
The Angle Control Effect
The Angle Control effect is for controlling properties with angle
controls. It has degrees and can keep track of the number of com-
plete revolutions (Fig. 8.5 ).
Figure 8.5 The Angle Control
The Checkbox Control Effect
The Checkbox Control effect is for controlling effects with an
on/off switch, such as Invert (Fig. 8.6).
Figure 8.6 The Checkbox Control
The Color Control Effect
The Color Control effect allows you to select and animate the
color change of a color swatch. This can be used to control the
change of the color of multiple properties at once (Fig. 8.7).
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