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Figure 8.1 The chads fi re,
campfi re animation preset.
that have been altered from their default settings. Look for the
Effects>Fractal Noise>Brightness property. Hold the Alt(Win)/
Opt(Mac) key and click the stopwatch for the Brightness prop-
erty. A text fi eld will open up in the Timeline panel for you to type
in an expression. Completely replacing all existing text in this
area, type wiggle (5, 10). This will create random brightness val-
ues within 10 units of the existing value for the Brightness prop-
erty fi ve times every second. This will create an organic fl icker of
brightness (Fig. 8.2 ).
Figure 8.2 The wiggle expression
applied to the Brightness property.
So, the results look great, but what if we wanted to increase the
intensity of the fl icker over time? For this, we must turn to expres-
sion controls.
Apply the Slider Control effect (in the Expression Controls
area) to this solid layer. Click in your expression once again to
make the text editable. Then, as if in a text editing application
like Microsoft Word, click and drag to highlight (select) the sec-
ond number, 10 (Fig. 8.3 ).
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