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The Wave Warp Effect
Finally, we come to the Wave Warp effect (not to be confused
with the Wave World effect in the Simulation category). I really
like this effect. The Wave Warp effect applies different types of
wavy distortions to a layer. This effect also autoanimates. Another
aspect of this effect that I like is that there are many different
types of wave shapes that you can use, and they are all very dif-
ferent. The results are fairly high quality, and you also have con-
trol over the Pinning. For creating interesting motion graphics,
the Wave Warp effect is a terrifi c asset.
Let's take one last gander at the Distort.aep project from
the Chapter 7 folder of the exercise fi les. Apply the Wave Warp
effect to the dotted line layer in the Motion Graphics comp.
Immediately, the line is distorted and will animate when played
back. All the settings here are similar to what we've seen in other
effects in this chapter (such as the Ripple effect), so we don't need
to cover those again here. But what I do want to do is to show you
how different the various wave types are. Before we do that, I'm
going to increase my Wave Height value to 70 to make the wave
distortion more prominent.
Normally, I wouldn't take the time to show you what every sin-
gle option of a particular property does. But the Wave Type effect
changes the results so radically, that it may be a great undis-
covered tool for creating motion graphics. Let's say you wanted
to create a series of slashes, half circles, waves of noise, or small
bars. You might not think of it that way, but the Wave Warp effect
is capable of creating all these patterns and more. Just create
a simple line with a masked solid or a shape layer, use a blend
mode if desired, and apply the Wave Warp effect and one of these
presets to create instant animated textures (Figs. 7.102-7.110).
Figure 7.102 The Wave Warp
effect, with the Wave Height
setting at 70, and the Wave Type
set to the default value—Sine.
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