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The other properties that we haven't discussed are the
Horizontal Distortion and Vertical Distortion properties. These
properties determine how distorted or pinched objects are on
one side. For example, taking the Horizontal Distortion value to
100 will pinch the left side and enlarge the right side of the layer.
Taking the value to
100 to create the opposite effect. Taking the
Vertical Distortion property to a positive number will pinch the
top and bloat the bottom, while a negative Vertical Distortion
value will bloat the top and pinch the bottom (Figure 7.100).
I also applied the Warp effect to the fractal smoke in the Smoke
comp and used the Wave Warp Style, and set the Warp Axis to
Vertical to create curved, wispy smoke (Fig. 7.101).
Figure 7.100 Using the
same settings as in Fig. 7.99 but
with the Horizontal Distortion
value at 100.
Figure 7.101 The Warp effect
applied to fractal smoke.
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