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Figure 2.3 After clicking on a 3D
object in the Composition panel
with the 3D Channel Extract effect
selected in the Effect Controls
panel, the Info panel tells us the
approximate distance the 3D
object is away from the camera.
Figure 2.4 The results of
changing the White Point
level to −89.
image in the Composition panel. Then look in the Effect Controls
panel to discover its Z-depth (Fig. 2.5).
The Info panel tells us that the background is about −4125
pixels in relation to the camera. Use this value for the Black Point
property to complete the settings of this depth map (Fig. 2.6).
Our depth map looks great. But what do we use it for? We can
now use this effect as a luma matte for other effects, such as
blurs. Or we could use it as a map to control other effects, such
as Displacement Map. You can also use this effect to fi nd out the
Z-depth values of objects throughout this image for use in other
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